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Until the 18th century

´Altsteirer´ chicken

The Central European farm chicken is of Asian origin. As may be gleaned from Chinese and Japanese historical documents, domestic poultry were kept in Asia as early as 4000 to 5000 B. C.

Phoenician world trade took the domestic chicken to the Mediterranean coasts, where it has been native for 3000 years now. As has been gleaned from coin finds dating from 500 B.C., there is ample evidence to prove that chicken farming was widely spread in Celtic and Germanic times in our region. 
Edicts were decreed specifically regarding chicken farming during the reign of Charlemagne (742 to 814 A.D.).

Many centuries prior to foreign chicken breeds being introduced into our region, the Styrian chicken already boasted an outstanding reputation among all the Central European chicken breeds. The capons were renowned above all for their delicious meat. This quality received mention in documents stemming from as early as the 14th, 17th and 18th centuries.

Natural Park

Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland

The Sulmtaler's homeland - Natural park, Southern Styrian wine country.

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Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal - the Sulmtaler's homeland.

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