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At home in the wine growing country of Southern Styria

At home in the wine growing country of Southern Styria

Half an hour by car, south of Graz, is the homeland of the Sulmtaler chicken. Between softly undulating vineyards and colourful, traditional mixed orchards, old chestnut trees, tall poplars and dreamy vintner's houses. Inviting, not only from a chicken's point of view.

The Celts and Romans felt quite at home here. The landscape is persuasive, with its delightful vistas and particular atmosphere. The people who live here overwhelm you by their heartfelt friendliness and genuine joie de vivre. They know how to celebrate and enjoy, they work hard and are proud of what they have achieved. That includes, not least, such regional products as the Sulmtaler chicken, which they carefully breed, produce and process. The generic pumpkin seed oil with its nutty taste meets up with the wine cultivated in the area, whose excellent reputation has meanwhile spread worldwide. How little the taste of a Sulmtaler chicken can be encompassed in words, and how poor any description would be that one can give of its homeland's multifarious charms! Once again it is best to fathom its secrets on one's own.

Natural Park

Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland

The Sulmtaler's homeland - Natural park, Southern Styrian wine country.

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Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal - the Sulmtaler's homeland.

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