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Sultaler chicken soup. Chicken meat is regarded as particularly healthy

The significance of chicken meat in today's diet

Chicken meat is known to be low in both fat and calories and to be easy to digest. From a nutritional vantage point, chicken meat is regarded as particularly healthy on account of the proteins it contains, which boast a high "biological valency".

In comparison to beef and pork, the fat composition in chicken meat is far more valuable for health by dint of its high concentration of polyunsaturated fatty acids, the essential building blocks of our cell walls. Unsaturated fatty acids have the capacity to lower the cholesterol level and make sure fat is more easily digested, since the melting point of unsaturated fatty acids is lower.

Chicken meat is a fundamental supplier of vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Owing to its high valency, chicken meat has been an integral part of our dietary kitchen since ancient times.

Natural Park

Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland

The Sulmtaler's homeland - Natural park, Southern Styrian wine country.

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Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal - the Sulmtaler's homeland.

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