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Quality assurance

As befits it, an imperial chicken lives in well-nigh heavenly conditions!

Selected and certified.

As befits it, an imperial chicken lives in well-nigh heavenly conditions. And this is not merely coincidence. By this time, after all, everyone knows that natural growth assures matchless quality. Nonetheless, nothing is left to chance. All partner operations, whether they be farms or animal-feed suppliers, are trusted companies, which operate in full compliance with every regulation for breeding, run, feeding and hygiene for the Sulmtaler.

The complete data about our imperial chickens is digitally processed, archived and filed, so the authenticity and growth of our animals may be monitored at any time. Strict requirements for partner companies do not merely vouchsafe for a first-class foodstuff of topmost quality but also a philosophy for which the "Sulmtaler" brand stands. Compliance with these requirements and the breeding policy is monitored under the strictest conditions and on a regular basis by the Sulmtaler Vermarktungs GmbH (Sulmtaler Marketing Ltd.). After all, the certificate vouching for "the Original Sulmtaler" is a guarantee of the Sulmtaler's one-of-a-kind quality.

Natural Park

Naturpark Südsteirisches Weinland

The Sulmtaler's homeland - Natural park, Southern Styrian wine country.

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Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal

Region Sulmtal Sausal - the Sulmtaler's homeland.

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